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Over the last year we have delivered a series of webinars which have been recorded. The list below contains the webinar topic and a link to the recording:


Infrastructure Analysis - Financial Modelling of 'Cash Sweep'

To fully master the Infrastructure sector it is essential to have a clear grasp on the concept of 'Cash Sweep'. By understanding the rationale of this concept, and the implications for sponsors, financiers and other stakeholders, you will be better equipped for a career in infrastructure financing.


Financial Modelling and Analysis of Levelised Cost of Electricity

The Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE), sometimes referred to as Levelised Energy Cost (LEC), is an essential metric in the world of electricity generation. This webinar will demonstrate how to best calculate this metric in a financial model and illustrate a number of common pitfalls to avoid.


Functional Requirements in a Bankable Financial Model for a Solar Project

This webinar reviews the various components required at each stage to give you increased confidence when preparing a fit-for-purpose financial model for feasibility analysis, a financing transaction, a valuation, or for reporting of financial performance.


Financial modelling and analysis of M&A in the mining sector

After a few years of tough decisions, doomed prices and deferred investment, mining sector is coming to life and is on the radar of M&A activity again. Accurate and flexible financial models are a must in the situation of price volatility, capital allocation dilemmas and competition for financing.


Corality™ Financial Modelling: Integrity Checks

Working with a structured approach to monitoring Hard Errors, and Commercial Signals in a financial model will increase the level of confidence in your projections. This webinar will illustrate the Corality™ approach to error management and how to bring the attention of a Decision Maker to certain commercial outputs.


Creating Sensitivity Tables for Infrastructure Project Analysis

Using powerful Excel techniques, sensitivity and scenario tables can be used to prepare credit and investment submissions, but also to interrogate the robustness of a financial model.


Financial Modelling of Construction Delays in Renewable Energy





Rickard's passion for financial modelling is built on specialist roles in the highly quantitative fields of derivatives and project finance, a career path complemented by an academic grounding in engineering physics. Born in Sweden and with global consulting and leadership experience, Rickard is an internationally recognised authority, speaker and thought-leader on the organisational benefits of best practice financial modelling.

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