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Best practice project finance modelling training courses has been a hot topic in infrastructure and energy markets for a number of years. The International Project Finance Association (IPFA) have recently announced its collaboration with Corality to deliver a series of project finance webinars for the IPFA Future Leaders Network (FLN). The series of webinars, starting with ‘Project Finance Modelling: Essential Model Functionality for Powerful Transaction Analysis’ on 6 July 2016, will equip IPFA’s Future Leaders Network with the knowledge to create and deliver financial models that inspire confidence in all users.

IPFA members will be able to register for the webinars, based on Corality’s SMART best practice financial modelling guidelines, via the IPFA website. Rickard Wärnelid, Corality’s Group CEO takes you inside a Corality financial model in the following video:


IPFA members will have access to a number of project finance modelling webinars

The (free for IPFA members) webinar series will range from an introductory to advanced level, underpinned by Corality’s SMART financial modelling.


Webinar series include:

  • Project Finance Modelling: Essential Model Functionality for Powerful Transaction Analysis
  • Converting a Bid Model to an Operational Model
  • Efficient Portfolio Analysis with Multi-Asset Model Structures
  • Project Finance Applications of Debt Sculpting and Debt Sizing
  • VBA Application: Multi-Parameter Optimisation of a Bid Price/Tariff

Register via the IPFA website


Project finance modelling: Essential model functionality for powerful transaction analysis

In this webinar, participants will understand what the market expects from a ‘transaction-ready’ model, and learn best-practice conventions for model architecture, common functionality, required flexibility and outputs tailored to a specific audience.


Converting a bid model to an operational model

In this webinar, participants can expect to develop a structured approach to convert a bid or transaction model to a tailored tool for operational analysis or debt covenant reporting, a challenge often encountered in infrastructure, energy and natural resources transactions.


Efficient portfolio analysis with multi-asset model structures

Participants will learn how to effectively manage an asset portfolio with a multi-asset model structure for perfectly consistent analysis. Understand how to structure assumptions and asset calculations with additional corporate overheads, and gain insights into how and where to analyse debt facilities.


Project finance applications of debt sculpting and debt sizing

This webinar will have participants understand the theory and modelling applications of project finance debt sizing and debt sculpting and how this relates to bid optimisation and increased equity returns.


VBA application: Multi-parameter optimisation of a bid price/tariff

Participants will create a framework in VBA for multi-parameter optimisation of bid prices or tariffs for rapid transaction model analysis and gain insights from a range of examples.


Free project financial modelling webinar for IPFA members

IPFA and Corality are excited about this collaboration and are looking forward for the webinar to continue providing the project finance industry with a best practice financial modelling standard.

“Financial models affect a large range of stakeholders so it is hugely important to have an industry standard. Raising the bar in financial modelling is what we stand for at Corality. This is such an exciting time for the project finance industry, as we will be equipping young future leaders with the knowledge to put best practices in place.” Rickard Wärnelid, Group CEO, Corality.

Are you an IPFA member? Will you be signing up for the free webinars? Leave your comments below.

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Rickard's passion for financial modelling is built on specialist roles in the highly quantitative fields of derivatives and project finance, a career path complemented by an academic grounding in engineering physics. Born in Sweden and with global consulting and leadership experience, Rickard is an internationally recognised authority, speaker and thought-leader on the organisational benefits of best practice financial modelling.

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