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Webinars - Infra, Energy, Financial Modelling

BY Rickard Wärnelid ON 9 May 2018

Over the last year we have delivered a series of webinars which have been recorded. The list below contains the webinar topic and a link to the recording:


Are you a future leader in project finance? This IPFA webinar series is for you

BY Rickard Wärnelid ON 10 June 2016

Best practice project finance modelling training courses has been a hot topic in infrastructure and energy markets for a number of years. The International Project Finance Association (IPFA) have recently announced its collaboration with Corality to deliver a series of project finance webinars for the IPFA Future Leaders Network (FLN). The series of webinars, starting with ‘Project Finance Modelling: Essential Model Functionality for Powerful Transaction Analysis’ on 6 July 2016, will equip IPFA’s Future Leaders Network with the knowledge to create and deliver financial models that inspire confidence in all users.


Recruitment: US expansion drives need for financial modelling consultants in Sydney, London and New York

BY Rickard Wärnelid ON 25 May 2016

Join us - we're growing!

Fuelled by increasing demand for high quality financial modelling services and training courses in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors in the US, our New York office is going from strength to strength. To ensure that our unique cultural values are implemented from day one we are operating with long term secondments of permanent staff from other offices, which in combination with regional growth required further recruitments in coming months.


IFM Awarded 'M&A Deal of the Year’ by IJGLobal for Indiana Toll Road Acquisition

BY Haydn Palliser ON 25 May 2016

IFM investors has continued to invest in infrastructure assets. The acquisition of the Indiana Toll Road is the fourth toll road in IFM’s infrastructure portfolio.


Hong Kong: Financial model audit training course - US Investment Bank

BY Jeremy Ooi ON 20 May 2016

Investment bankers spend a significant amount of time developing financial models for pitches and transactions, and most international investment banks featured these skills heavily in their progressive career development programs. As less talked about topic is the amount of time spent by investment bankers spend on reviewing third party models, or models developed by colleagues, for commercial accuracy and mechanical integrity.


tax equity flip in a US partnership – financial modelling considerations

BY Haydn Palliser ON 22 September 2015

For many years now, tax equity partnership flip structures have been used primarily to finance investments in solar and wind projects and it is a common source of confusion for financial modellers working to prepare a dynamic and transparent representation of this event.  Efficient monetization of tax credits remains the driving force behind these complicated structures for these industries. This sophisticated form of partnership balances both the short/medium term appetite of an investor who chooses to defray net income with solar and wind tax credits, and the long-term involvement of a sponsor relying on development fees and project cash flow to achieve their target returns.


Financial models for Renewable Energy projects – Common challenges

BY Haydn Palliser ON 22 September 2015

At Corality we work with clients to achieve their goals faster and with increased certainty. Commonly our work evolves around financial model development for project finance transactions in the wind and solar energy sectors, and in this post I would like to share some considerations which may assist you in your own situation.


Debt sizing to own your renewable energy project - Don’t leave it to the banks

BY Haydn Palliser ON 4 August 2015

We all know that it’s important in negotiation to understand the big picture from both ends of a renewable energy deal. Project financiers will rigorously test your project. Why then, would you take unclear analysis to the banks?

Acquiring an energy business - challenges from a financial modelling perspective

BY John Graham ON 31 July 2015

It is common knowledge to experts in the financial modelling industry that forecasting assumptions are critical to any valuation model. With energy being one of the most volatile markets in the world, it is necessary to capture variance and mitigation in your modelling.

Project Finance transactions and debt sizing versus debt sculpting

BY Haydn Palliser ON 24 February 2015

Financial modelling of debt facilities will always be at the heart of a project finance transaction. Whilst the basic terms and conditions are incorporated in the term sheet, the industry nuances and accepted practices are generally expected by senior bankers to simply be embedded into the model.