Recruitment: US expansion drives need for financial modelling consultants in Sydney, London and New York


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Fuelled by increasing demand for high quality financial modelling services and training courses in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors in the US, our New York office is going from strength to strength. To ensure that our unique cultural values are implemented from day one we are operating with long term secondments of permanent staff from other offices, which in combination with regional growth required further recruitments in coming months.

“Our expansion to the US with an opening of the New York office 12 months ago is a real success story. We are now continuously recruiting in the US and through international transfers we are now looking for more financial modelling consultants in all offices.”
Rickard Wärnelid
Group CEO


To learn more about open positions, and the life of a financial modelling consultant in a global context, please see our Careers page:



Rickard's passion for financial modelling is built on specialist roles in the highly quantitative fields of derivatives and project finance, a career path complemented by an academic grounding in engineering physics. Born in Sweden and with global consulting and leadership experience, Rickard is an internationally recognised authority, speaker and thought-leader on the organisational benefits of best practice financial modelling.

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